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Assistant Storekeeper Meaning

Assistant Storekeeper Meaning | Assistant Storekeeper Job Description

Assistant Storekeeper Meaning

The assistant storekeeper is responsible for maintaining the inventory and ensuring that the shelves are stocked properly. He/she is also responsible for keeping track of sales and making sure that the cash register is working correctly. In addition, he/she is responsible for ordering supplies and equipment. He is also responsible to receive materials and transfer materials as per instruction by store keeper, Assistant Storekeeper work under senior store keeper or store keeper. 

2. Inventory Control Clerk

Inventory control clerks keep track of items sold and ensure that they are accurately recorded in the system. They also make sure that the correct amount of each item is placed on the shelf.

4. Stockroom Clerk

Stockroom clerks are responsible for organizing and storing products in the warehouse. They may also be responsible for receiving shipments of goods.

1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is the act of keeping track of all items that have been purchased, sold, received, or otherwise handled. In order to do this, inventory managers need to keep accurate records of what they have bought, sold, received, etc.

2. Receiving & Shipping

The receiving and shipping department is responsible for receiving products from suppliers, storing them until they are ready to be shipped out, and then shipping them to their destination. A good inventory manager should know how to properly organize the incoming shipments, how to label them correctly, and how to ensure that they get shipped out safely.

1. Assist in the preparation of inventory records and reports.

2. Maintain accurate records of merchandise received and sold.

3. Prepare daily sales report.

4. Assist in the maintenance of cash registers.

5. Perform general duties as assigned.

6. Ensure proper safety procedures are followed at all times.

7. Follow all company policies and procedures.

8. Must have reliable transportation.

9. Must be able to work overtime if necessary.

10. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays.

11. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

12. Must be able to stand for long periods of time.

13. Must be able to bend and stoop frequently.

14. Must be able to read and write English.

How do I become a assistant storekeeper?

You need to have at least two years of experience working in retail or wholesale. You should also have a high school diploma or GED. If you don’t have these qualifications, you can still apply for a job as a storekeeper if you have previous experience in accounting or bookkeeping.

What does a assistant storekeeper do?

As a storekeeper, you’ll work closely with the manager of the store. Your duties will vary depending on the type of store you’re employed in. In general, however, you’ll record sales and inventory levels, prepare reports, and maintain the store’s books.

What skills do I need to be successful as a storekeeper?

To succeed as a storekeeper, you need to be detail oriented and organized. You also need to be able to multitask efficiently and accurately. Finally, you must be able to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers.

What kind of training do I get?

Depending on where you work, you might receive some formal training before being hired. However, most stores hire storekeepers based on their own observations of the applicant’s performance.

What is my salary range?

The median annual wage for a storekeeper was $28,000 in May 2015. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $21,000 per year, while the highest 10 percent earned more than $34,000.

Where can I find jobs?

Most stores hire storekeepers directly. Stores often advertise openings online. You can also search for positions using websites like


The Assistant Storekeeper role is responsible for maintaining store layout, cleanliness and order. This might include stocking shelves, ensuring open areas are orderly and ready for customers, assisting cashiers in serving customers and as such, it’s safe to say this job is fast-paced!

As a assistant storekeeper, you will be responsible for performing a variety of tasks on production and in the immediate area of your workstation. This includes ordering supplies, scheduling work, maintaining accurate records and reporting issues or concerns to supervisors

A bachelor’s degree is preferred for this position. A certificate course in accounting would help. Course Minimum – 12th along with diploma in computer, read writer English as well as spoken English.

if you talk about salary, The Salary varies depending on location and years of experience.

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