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nCR in construction

NCR in construction| NCR Report

Nonconformance Report or NCR and Its Purpose

The purpose of nonconformance reports (NCRs) is to identify and correct deviations from established requirements, procedures, specifications, tolerances, design criteria, or other conditions that may affect product quality, performance, safety, or compliance with applicable regulations. 

An NCR identifies and describes any deviation from the requirements, procedures, specifications or other conditions that could adversely affect the quality, performance, safety or compliance with applicable regulations of a product.

 An NCR is not intended to be punitive nor is it intended to suggest that a particular action should be taken regarding the identified problem. Rather, an NCR is intended to assist the manufacturer in correcting problems and preventing recurrence of similar problems.

 A nonconformity report is a written document describing a specific noncompliance with a requirement, procedure, specification, tolerance, design criterion, or other condition that affects the quality, performance, or safety of a product. A nonconformity report does not necessarily imply that a violation exists; rather, it indicates that a potential violation exists. Nonconformities may exist without violating any regulation.

NCR in construction:

 A nonconforming product is one that fails to meet the requirements of a standard, regulation, or specification. In some cases, a nonconforming product may be acceptable under certain circumstances. However, if a nonconforming product is unacceptable under those circumstances, then the product is considered defective.

 A nonconformance report is a written document that describes a specific nonconformance with a requirement, procedure or other condition that affects product quality, performance, or compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, or standards.

 A non-confirmation report is not intended to be a punitive document. It is intended to help manufacturers improve their products and prevent recurrence of similar problems by identifying and correcting problems.

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