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What is store keeper responsibility | Best Tips of 2021

एक स्टोरकीपर का क्या काम होता है| Store Keeper Work Training

What is store keeper responsibility?

Dear Friends In This Video, You will Learn How to storekeeper materials check physically In Warehouse & Store.

Also, from the supplier. I have guide here in Hindi & Urdu, here you will see live that how to check a materials in gulf company & Store, Warehouse.

Every Video I inform you that please remember some short form which one might be ask in your interview.

I know that many store keeper want to work in gulf but they can not face the interview due to experience and materials knowledge therefore I am uploading like this videos.

Any Store Keeper will learn here and after watching my videos can face the interview in anywhere. If you do not know about the store keeper work, duties and responsibilities that how to received materials a store keeper in a gulf company from the supplier.

Please watch this channel videos and learn. I have uploaded many videos related store keeper offline works.

you should watch every videos for more information. Also, if you need any other types videos related store keeper work suggest me.

इस चैनल पे जितने videos अपलोड है हर एक वीडियो को देख और सीखे। Storekeeper आम तौर पे Warehouse और Site Store पे काम करते है।

जिसका काम सामग्री को सुरक्षित करना और Inventory को Manage करने के साथ Site पे जारी करना है। साथ ही साथ materials की knowledge होना बहुत जरुरी है।

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